- Membralox ceramic membranes are produced by our principles the Exekia group.
- Membralox ceramic membranes provide high performance sealing assemblies meeting the most stringent sanitary standards.
Unique sanitary design.
- Major fields of membralox applications are Milk and milk products, Sugar and sweeteners, Water and effluents, Surface treatment.
- Membralox ceramic membranes has high resistance to corrosion and high temperature as it resist repeated chemical or thermal sanitization cycles. A wide range of pH compatibility ( 0 14 ) enables the filtration of acid or basic solutions and are also compatible with all organic solvents.
- Other advantages of Membralox ceramic membranes is that it has high flux, Proven long operational life, sterilizable, ability to withstand back pulsing, element burst pressure >50 bar.
- We also manufacture cellulose ultra-filtration systems.

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