(+) Tubular heat exchangers made of stainless steel for heating, heat 
recovery and cooling. Tubular heat exchangers don't need any maintenance.
(+) Rigid frame made of stainless steel. This frame could be leveled by the 
means of adjustable stainless steel supports.
(+) Balance tank made of stainless steel with capacity of 100 liters.
(+) Centrifugal milk pump for pumping the liquid in the system.
(+) Butterfly valve to control the rate of flow of the milk line.
(+) Holder made of a pipe made of stainless steel with accurate length for 
reserving the milk.
(+) Compressor to supply the system with the required air.

(+) Control panel contains thermostats for temperature control of the fluid 
for the pasteurization temperature and the outlet temperature including the 
switch buttons and the overloads.
(+) The system contains an accurate and safe control by a pneumatic 3 ways 
valve made of stainless steel with a digital heat sensor for automatic return 
of the milk to the start point of the buffer tank when required temperature 
is not achieved.
(+) Automatic control for the hot water temperature to avoid the overheating 
and change of liquid characteristics. 
(+) Automatic control for the water-cooling temperature to control the outlet 
temperature of the liquid.
(+) Semi-Automatic in-place cleaning system insures high level of hygienic 
performance of the system.

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